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A Gas tank for the
Hornby Rocket Locomotive.
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Boiler Pressure Regulator.
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Forest Classics, sponsors
of Robert Handcock &
Ken Edwards, at the Isle
of Man TT races.
Congratulations to Rob & Ken for winning 5th place at the 2012 Sidecar event!
Visit RJ Road Racing website
Click here


A pair of Traction Engine front lamps.

Miniature Traction Engine Lamps

Sorry - this item is no longer available.

To fit 3 to  6 scale depending on
the size of the original engine.

Height to the top of the handle approximately 6 inches.

Body diameter - approximately 3 inches.

Constructed in brass with Bulls-Eye glass lens.

Opening side door with a glass inspection panel.

Removable oil burner with adjustable wick.

Main body painted in heat resistant satin black paint.

Lens surround and top of lamp in polished
brass with a wooden handle.

Available in black or brass finish.


A rear Traction Engine lamp.

Lamp Safety Instructions.

Keep the wick to a minimum to avoid heat damage to the lamp body and avoid prolonged use.

Keep children away from the lamp, as the upper parts of the lamp will become hot during use.

These are not toys, and are not suitable for children!

Filling the Burner.

When the burner is cold remove it from the lamp.

Unscrew the top from the tank avoiding any damage to the wick.

Fill the tank only half full to avoid spillage.



Recommended Oil - low odour clean burning.
Obtainable from hardware stores & garden centres. Do
NOT use methylated spirits!

In case of fire, do NOT pick up the lamp, smother the flames with a damp cloth or fire blanket


Made in Great Britain


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Atmospheric Engine

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BIX012 Gas Burner Set for the Mamod Steam Wagon

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New Wilesco Stirling Engines
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New Collectables on

the Used Models page

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Paying by cheque?
It couldn't be easier.

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The Burrell Traction Engine is back!
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Visit our new
Bespoke Models page.

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Two superb
PM Research
Un-machined Kits.
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PM Research Dynamo

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BIX030 kit

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